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Welcome! This is the Kheeto67 Network’s page, a Minecraft Server with a lot of modes!

Qui puoi giocare da solo o con gli altri giocatori, e anche divertirti invitando i tuoi amici!

Ti invitiamo inoltre ad entrare nel nostro server Discord, dove potrai chattare, ascoltare musica, leggere le notizie del server, e gli ultimi aggiornamenti di Minecraft!😁


Skyblock; Vanilla; Towny; ZombieCraft; Factions, CaveCraft

Server IP: mc.kheeto67.com

  • Skyblock Mode

Are you ready?
You need to survive on your floating island! There are 3 models or skyblock island.

For first build a cobblestone generator.

You have got also got a tree, so destroy it and build a wood platform or the saplings will fall in the void!

Now, it’s time to expand your island, make some grass camps to make animals to spawn, so build some breeding places.

You can also build automatic farms, redstone circuits, and you need to decore your island, so your island can be the best island in the server!

  • ZombieCraft Mode

This mode is created by this server.

This is a survival in  a zombified world.

There are a lot of zombie types: For examples the rich zombie, the flash zombie, ecc.


In the normal minecraft there is only the hunger.

But in this mode we added the thirst! Drink sometimes do don’t die! 😉


This mode’s money is the Petriefied Flesh, with this you can buy items at the spawn!


Your base also needs a security, so at the spawn you can also buy working security cameras and working automatic turrets!

  • Towny Mode

This is a roleplay mode!

The towny mode is divided in nations, and nations are divided in cities!

The Balance

You can gain money from working!

There are two work types:

– Statal (the city pay you)

– Commercial (you get payed by your customers, a commercial work can also be created!)

To work at a statal job, contact the city creator.

To work at a commercial job, well, you decide it!

For some jobs you need a work place!

You can also hire dipendents (for examples you are a chef and you hire some waiters, and you need to pay they!)

You can also be a dipendent of another player (for example you are the waiter and the other player is the chef!)

  • Vanilla Mode

This is a normal vanilla survival, but there are some commands they can help you, like /sethome and /home.

You can also go to the starting place with the /spawn command!


The spawn is protected and you can’t break or place blocks at the spawn. To start your vanilla adventure don’t stay at the spawn!


  • Faction Mode

This is a faction mode. You can create your faction and invite players!

The world spawn is on some floating islands! To go in the faction world, execute the “/start” command.


You can also go to some /warps!

To the faction command list execute the command “/f”

  • CaveCraft Mode

This mode is divided in levels!

You need to complete levels and escape from the giant and dangerous cave!


Keep in your inventory all the drops! The drops can be very useful to buy items at the npcs!


There is also some kits for levels and some levels have got their own custom monsters!




Link Utili: Negozio del server; Server Discord

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